Web presence is a constant job for any artistic person, AUUGGH

This is the “one thing” that I have to say I hate about being a person who is trying to promote my art….having to update and create a constant web presence.  I know that it is necessary, but think of all of the time spent doing it, while I could be painting, or making jewelry, or playing with my photoshop….doing the “one thing” is frustrating to me.  Maybe it’s just me…..and I’m really not trying to complain….I’m not like that.  I just wish that there was another way to promote and build an art business other than putting all of my info on every imaginable website. 

Well, now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way….sorry….I truly would like to write about artsy things that would help another artsy person…  so here goes!  I updated “MyArtPlot” today….I started it in 2007 and didn’t do much with it, but take a look, I think it’s a pretty good promotional site….mine is here.

Of course, Facebook is a promotional tool too….it’s worth a try, it’s pretty easy to use and you can easily link to twitter and other sites.

As I go on in my future entries, I’ll include the various other sites that can be used for promotion.


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