Is It Art?

Art….it’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What one person may consider art, may not be considered art to another.  This fact becomes very real to you if you ever entered an exhibit.  Sometimes you may think that the judge of the exhibit has a real handle on what works are deserving of a ribbon…..and then there are the times when you may think to yourself, “What was the judge thinking?”  Well, I’ve learned, just as probably most artists have learned, that your artwork may not please everyone all the time.  You can spend hours and hours working on a piece of art, thinking that you’ve done pretty well on this piece…and then the ribbon goes to a piece of work that looks like a Jackson Pollock work, like someone slapped paint on a canvas in a matter of a few minutes.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not knocking Jackson Pollock or contemporary art, but I bet most artists have felt this way at one time or other.  If you throw paint on a canvas and get someone to promote you, you too can make $2,000. on each painting.  This definitely proves that art is in the eye of the beholder.  

No matter what type or style, you can usually tell when someone spends a lot of time and consideration on a piece of art.  I guess, maybe, this is what I look for in art….the time, thought, consideration that was put into it by the artist.  I try to be open-minded when it comes to art….I like most styles, but I like to see when you can tell that the artist really spent time creating and thinking through what they wanted to achieve with their creation.  There are times that you may not totally like that piece of art, but you can still tell that the artist really worked at it, and I appreciate that in itself.

So, we are back to the question…is it art?  This is a question that we all have to answer individually.  For more information on this subject…see ART  and  VISUAL ARTS  


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