Promotion, Promotion, Promotion…..UGH!

I’m a fine artist….digital artist…..photographer… artist…..gardener…..don’t you think that I have enough to do…..and then add in daughter, wife, friend….mother….Christian…and the list goes on.   I’m not trying to sound harsh or anything, but don’t you think I have enough to do besides being an advertiser, salesperson, blogger, small business data entry person…the list goes on…….I HATE PROMOTION!!! 

WELL,  now that I got THAT off my chest!!!!   It’s just so hard for people who aren’t salespeople, to be salespeople…..I want to sell my stuff, but it just gets crazy sometimes……create the item (the part I enjoy)….add it to your online store (not my favorite, but I’ll survive)….twitter it…..twitter it….twitter it again…..facebook it… it…..and on and on…..the list seems so endless!   I’m just a shameless complainer 😀

Well, do a girl a favor and check out my stuff here Bohemian Ice Artisan Jewelry and here Alive With Color (art and photography…still adding to this one)…..thanks….that feels better 🙂

2 thoughts on “Promotion, Promotion, Promotion…..UGH!

  1. I agree with you. It is so hard to juggled it all–the husband, the child, the job, the art/jewelry making, the web design and then the promotion, none of which I’m juggling very well. Usually I’m doing one or two well and not the others. At least we are blessed to have so much talent. Your jewelry is lovely.

    • You’re right, Sandy…it’s really difficult to juggle it all…I looked at your website and blog and I have to say that you juggle it well 🙂 You are very blessed with your talent. I love your use of bold color…and your recently posted collage is beautiful. I blogrolled your blog. Be blessed 🙂

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