Our Government Is Failing Us!

When I was younger, I was an Independent, but I always leaned towards the Republican side, because generally, that was the conservative, moral side….as I got older, I became a Republican….that soon will change.  What I want to say is I am appalled at the way that the Republicans are turning against the working middle-class people.  How can they push for a 30 hour stay of voting on the extension of unemployment!!!  There are families who don’t know what to do about feeding their children, paying the mortgage/rent, just getting by.  And then they say that people want to take advantage of being on unemployment….come on, they don’t have a clue about sending out hundreds of applications and resumes and maybe getting an interview or two, but being told at the interview that they are one in about one hundred applicants…..where’s the freaking jobs!!!  Obama claims he is creating jobs….WHERE!!!  Not here in NE Ohio!  Oh, and yes….we are having a ball on unemployment…let’s go to Europe on vacation like them…GET REAL….Have any of you politicians ever juggled the bills…it’s fun, like the lottery….or have you ever shopped at an Aldi’s or Walmart, I think not.  Just keep sitting up there in your Ivory Towers and enjoy yourself!  Oh, and don’t forget to give the rich their tax cuts…and keep sending money to Pakistan and other countries….and keep having those Wednesday celebrity entertainment nights at the White House….that’s all much more important than providing our struggling American people help.  Just another FYI…we paid into unemployment insurance all of the years that we worked!
I had to get this off my chest!!!  Amen.


3 thoughts on “Our Government Is Failing Us!

  1. I hope we are all wise enough to understand the whole picture. The Republicans do not want to stop unemployment benefits, they simply want them to be paid for. Until the congress is forced to actually deal with the disease of this economy and not just the symptoms, it will not improve. Because the Dems refuse to “fund” additional benefits they are allowed to continue denying that what they are doing is not creating jobs. Perhaps those of us should demand they stop creating legislation that kills jobs rather than demand they continue to pay us because they create legislation that kills jobs.

    The United States government does not have any of it’s own money. As you state, we or in some cases, our employer, do pay into unemployment. The more they pay out, the more they have to turn around and take back from us.

    Our government wants to continue to pay for those who have been unable to find jobs, rather than do what it takes to allow businesses to create those jobs. It’s time for us to DEMAND a fix, rather than than a fudge.

    • While I respect your opinion, Theresa, all I can say is don’t be so quick to judge about the unemployed until you walk a mile in their shoes. I agree that the government is spending way too much money on wasteful things, but I find it very hard to accept that paying a family a minimum amount of money, (that is very hard to get by on) is wasteful. Because the government and Wall Street decided to be greedy with their money and mortgage failure causing our economy to plummet, millions of Americans are suffering….many jobs are being lost and phased out….my family can attest to this. Unemployed people are submitting hundreds of job applications and resumes (I know this from experience) to no avail….getting maybe one or two interviews and being told that they are one of a hundred applicants. We did nothing to deserve this….we worked hard for years. It seems to me that there are many other areas of the Federal budget to take money from and reduce the National spending….White House parties….Federal office budget….tax breaks for the rich….foreign aid to countries that don’t appreciate it….all the levels of beauacity….. loans and bailouts to bank that don’t deserve it…I could go on and on.
      Yes, I do share your opinion that we need to create jobs….but don’t take out the humongous Federal spending on the people who have worked hard and now don’t have a job to go to.

  2. Good reply but I think you are missing some very important information. The problems that resulted in the collapse of our economy and the loss of so many jobs were largely created by the government. With all of the legislation being passed none of these problems have been corrected.

    The two main mortgage giants, who are basically branches of the federal government, were the largest entity responsible for the real estate collapse, were exempted by anything passed in the recent banking reform bill. So no, this was not the responsibility of those who are suffering, and those that caused it continue to pull in big bonuses and don’t have to answer to anyone.

    I see what your point is about people being left in a situation that is no fault of their own, but I ask you this. At what point would you demand that the current congress find real solutions to this economic crisis? Will you demand it while you are being helped out with unemployment? My guess is that most people would be unwilling to bite the hand that feeds them.

    So the ridiculous Pork spending continues. We almost had a stupid squirrel bridge built in Northern Arizona with Stimulus money. A 1.5 million dollar rope over a highway for squirrels who can’t be taught that is where they must cross to stay alive. Fortunately, enough people said “no, this is insane.” That’s what I am talking about. Stop the fish ladders in California, the purchase of parks in foreign countries, etc. Pull that money to fund unemployment. THATS what the fiscally conservative side of the congress (some of the Republicans) were asking for.

    If you ask me that is your government trying to be responsible representatives, not representatives that are failing you.

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