Our Government Is Failing Us!

When I was younger, I was an Independent, but I always leaned towards the Republican side, because generally, that was the conservative, moral side….as I got older, I became a Republican….that soon will change.  What I want to say is I am appalled at the way that the Republicans are turning against the working middle-class people.  How can they push for a 30 hour stay of voting on the extension of unemployment!!!  There are families who don’t know what to do about feeding their children, paying the mortgage/rent, just getting by.  And then they say that people want to take advantage of being on unemployment….come on, they don’t have a clue about sending out hundreds of applications and resumes and maybe getting an interview or two, but being told at the interview that they are one in about one hundred applicants…..where’s the freaking jobs!!!  Obama claims he is creating jobs….WHERE!!!  Not here in NE Ohio!  Oh, and yes….we are having a ball on unemployment…let’s go to Europe on vacation like them…GET REAL….Have any of you politicians ever juggled the bills…it’s fun, like the lottery….or have you ever shopped at an Aldi’s or Walmart, I think not.  Just keep sitting up there in your Ivory Towers and enjoy yourself!  Oh, and don’t forget to give the rich their tax cuts…and keep sending money to Pakistan and other countries….and keep having those Wednesday celebrity entertainment nights at the White House….that’s all much more important than providing our struggling American people help.  Just another FYI…we paid into unemployment insurance all of the years that we worked!
I had to get this off my chest!!!  Amen.


OK…This is OT…Deadliest Catch is on tonight!

I know this is “off topic” since this is basically my art blog, but I just LOVE the show “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery channel.  Tonight’s episode is in honor of the great late Phil Harris, captain of the Cornelia Marie, one of the crab fishing ship’s in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska.  For anyone who has never watched this show, you are really missing a great one.  This show documents the rough life of the Bering Sea fisherman.  They are like family to each other….and I believe, in a way, a part of each viewers family, in their hearts.  The show not only shows how hard it is to fish for crab (and sometimes other catches, like cod)…but, also tells the story of each fisherman’s life and the trials that they have to deal with.  It sure puts a new perspective on each time you sit down to a crab dinner.  Many fisherman have died performing the job in which they do.

Tonight they will show the episode that will honor Phil Harris….a great captain, who always showed his love for his sons and crewman.  I remember in late January and early February of this year, when the news alerted Phil’s fans of his massive stroke….I believe most fans hearts sunk….I know many prayers went out for him.  He will be greatly missed by many.

Anyway, I don’t usually get really “tied up” in most TV shows (well except for Lost and Eureka…), but Deadliest Catch has become a regular in my life and my family’s life.  Tonight we sit down and watch with heavy hearts and a tear in the eye….Goodbye Phil….you will be missed!  God bless.

Also, on an artistic point of view….I would love to paint those beautiful ships….hum…gives me an idea.