Another Art Blog to Take a Look At

This is just a little “shout out” to help publicize my other art blog which is called, “Alive With Christ – Art Blog.”    In this other blog, I use my art to explain verses in the Bible and Christian views.  Please check it out 😀


What’s Most Important To Me Over All….

What’s most important to me over all is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He died a horrific death on the cross for me so that I can have eternal life with Him in a beautiful place called Heaven.  He made this promise to us that if we only believe in Him and trust in Him as our Saviour, that we can be saved from a horrible eternity in Hell.  After He died on the cross, He arose again and ascended into Heaven and gave us the Holy Spirit to help guide us while we are on this earth. 

Why is it so hard for some people to believe in Him, when they will instead believe in UFO’s and aliens, and supernatural, and psychics and all that stuff?  You can’t imagine, unless you are a Christian already, the wonderful peace you feel in your heart when you believe in Him.  I’m not saying that Christians don’t have problems and worries, but we also have an unexplainable peace that you can only get when you trust in Jesus.  It’s really not that hard….give it a try.

My honey has a wonderful blog that explains so much about all of this….and you can just ask me or him or any Bible believing church if you have any questions….check out Rob’s blog called “Settled In Heaven” for more information on trusting in Jesus and living in His Word.