Gardening and Photography…Two Arts That Go Together

Did I ever tell you that I love to garden…..everything about it….the planting…the planning….the pruning….the clipping….the fertilizing…the photographing….yes, I consider gardening and photography two of the most rewarding arts…and arts that compliment each other.  They even tie into my painting and digital art….I just love flowers and nature…love the outdoors.  All of the beautiful God created colors.  I guess that’s why you can probably categorize most of my art in the nature category. 

Back in late March during on unusually warm day, I just needed to be outside in the beautiful day, so I decided that day to prune all of my rose bushes.  Boy, am I glad I did that.  All of the rose bushes must have loved it….they are all out doing themselves now with abundant flowers.  I have never had this many roses in bloom…guess they liked being pruned in late winter.  The above photo is from the pale pink rosebush that is next to my back deck.  These roses start out a darker pink when they are just budding and slowly turn paler and paler as they open up….so pretty.

Well, I just added 3 of my newest rose photos to my “Alive With Color” Etsy.   Check them out and let me know what you think 🙂